About Us

What Is Hublaagram?

Hublaagram Is A Free Instagram Exchange Tool, That Helps Users To Increase Likes & Comments On Their Instagram Media And Followers On Their Instagram Profile. Hublaagram Works On The Instagram API And Is 100% Free For Users To Use. You Can Use It For Free As Long As Hublaagram Is Available Over The Web.

PHP Libraries Used

  • cURLX PHP Library - Multi cURL Wrapper For PHP - by Unknown Person
  • PDO Database Wrapper - A PDO Wrapper For PHP - by Mohammad Raquib
  • Instagram Unofficial API - Instagram's Unofficial API SDK - by Mohammad Raquib
  • PHP Form Handlers - PHP GET/POST Form Validator And Accessing Library - by Mohammad Raquib
  • PHP OOP Session Wrapper - An Object Oriented Session Wrapper For PHP - by Mohammad Raquib
  • SimpleMail Class - An Object Oriented PHP Mailer Class - by Eoghan O'Brien

Design & Security

  • Designed Using Bootstrap - https://www.getbootstrap.com
  • AJAX Functions Using jQuery - https://www.jquery.com
  • CDN & SSL By CloudFlare - https://www.cloudflare.com